Reduce your insurance premiums with a GPS tracking device

In today's financial climate we are always looking for ways to make our money stretch further, and insurance premiums for your horsebox are no exception. John Gillingham, Senior Manager for our official insurance partners Shearwater Insurance offered this advice: ​ The GPS tracking device can be fitted as an optional extra on any of our new build 3.5t - 7.5t horseboxes and allows you to track your vehicle 24/7 from your smartphone or tablet. Your horsebox will automatically start reporting every time the vehicle is switched on/off and will continue reporting its position and speed, along with many other useful parameters to the cloud based GPS Tracking software offering you real-time data. This is an ideal tool for professionals, transporters, self-drive hire companies and everyday users alike. Key features: Insurance approvedSpeed alertsGlobal GPS positioningTow alarmAnti-tamper alertRoute historyOut of hours / unauthorised detectionTransferrable to other vehiclesBack-up battery life (if the device is unplugged)Benefit from discounted insurance premiums from most companies We recommend fitting a GPS tracking device to your horsebox as an additional security pre-caution to protect your investment. In the event of a theft, you will be able to see the exact location of your horsebox instantly allowing the Police to be able to track down and recover your horsebox in record time.

DEFRA approval - why does it matter?

Here at Owens Horseboxes, every new build horsebox manufactured by our specialist team of coach builders and craftsmen undergoes an individual inspection by the FTA (Freight Transport Association) for DEFRA approval. What is DEFRA approval? DEFRA approval in essence ensures that the horsebox is built to a sufficient standard to protect the horse from injury or unnecessary suffering during transportation. The inspection covers a broad range of regulatory requirements such as overall build construction, ramp angle for safe loading and unloading, inclusion of a fully insulated roof panel for thermo-regulation, partition construction, sharp or protruding edges, plus more. Following the inspection a 'Certificate of Approval' is produced in your name which is presented to you with your vehicle collection documents. Why does it matter? By choosing a horsebox with DEFRA approval you are minimising the risk of accident or injury to your horse and of course, their safety is both yours and our number one priority. As horse owners ourselves we know the importance of keeping our precious cargo safe. That's why all of our horseboxes are built with maximum safety and comfort in mind so you never need to worry. For more detailed information about DEFRA requirements read this guide:  Image courtesy of The Horsebox Spa.

Benefits of using red calming travel lights in your horsebox

Red calming travel lights are just one of very many optional extras available to order on any of our new build 3.5t - 7.5t horseboxes and are even included as standard on some models, but a lot of people don't understand the benefits of low level ambient lighting. Used when travelling at night, red travel lights in the horse area are beneficial for a number of reasons. 1) Although horses have much better night vision than we do, passing car headlights, street lights, and other disorientating lights may spook or alarm some horses. By using low level ambient lighting in the horse area this doesn't affect the horse so much. 2) After travelling for a period of time in the dark, rather than throw your horse into bright lighting when you unload by travelling with soft lighting on in the horse area this makes the transition more pleasant from one level of lighting to another. 3) Despite some confusion / speculation, it isn't actually a legal requirement to have any internal light on at all whilst travelling horses or livestock, but it can and has been shown to be less stressful for horses helping to keep them calm during their journey. 4) Internal lighting can make monitoring your horse with an internal horse area camera easier as it improves visibility meaning you can safely keep an eye on him without having to stop. 5) White interior lights are illegal whilst travelling at night, so to combat the problems above is not as simple as leaving your interior LED lights on. Only low level ambient coloured lighting is allowed. This is to avoid distracting other road users as white lighting can be confused with oncoming traffic. Our Stallion model has been designed especially for professional use and is our best-selling model for race yards, horse transporters, self drive hire businesses and professional riders and includes soft ambient red lighting as standard as well as a whole host of other safety and comfort features.  

Making owning your own horsebox even more affordable with Black Horse Finance

Let's face it; Horse ownership is expensive and so is safe, high quality, fit-for-purpose horse transport. Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, that's why many people take the gamble with potentially unsafe, sub-standard builds to try to cut the cloth according to the cost. It's an easy trap to fall into but it's something that genuine manufacturers like ourselves see all too often, and in many ways it's a false economy. That said, money doesn't grow on trees! Which leaves us in a catch-22. That's why are very proud to be fully authorised by the FCA and are now working directly with recognisable consumer lender Black Horse Finance, part of the Lloyds Banking Group, as an approved dealer to help you buy your dream Owens horsebox whilst spreading the cost with regular affordable payments. Here are some of the benefits of funding your purchase with Black Horse: ✔️ Choose between 1-10 years to repay your finance agreement✔️ Flexible deposit options available✔️ Set your payments to suit your budget✔️ Fixed rates mean your interest rate won’t change during your finance agreement and your regular monthly repayments won’t change either✔️ Borrow between £1,500 - £100,000✔️ We can provide you with a finance quote whilst you are here with us at our premises✔️ After all the payments including the interest have been made you will own your horsebox outright Finance is available to UK residents aged 18 years or over, subject to status. Full terms and conditions apply. To learn more about our finance options and if this is affordable for you, why not contact one of our friendly sales team to get your free quote today?​

Is Your Horsebox Safe?

Here's What's Included... Quick & simple safety checksEasy to read formatPrintable design If you're concerned about the safety of your horsebox or would like to find out more about the safety aspects of our new builds, call our team on 01480 891054 for free expert advice.  We put you and your horse first - because we care!

Guest Blog: Sharon Hunt, November 2018​

The last few months have been absolutely non stop with exciting new ventures and trips away. I have a motto for life which is "you get out what you put into life" this has certainly been my approach this year and no question that this philosophy is working. I am currently on 2 coaching courses, selected for the ‘BEF coaches youth pathway development programme ‘ which is an 18 month course and ‘applied psychology for coaches‘ programme which is a 6 month course. Both of which are absolutely fantastic and complement each other perfectly. I love learning and am very comfortable being back in the classroom again. Although my brain does ache at times with all my new knowledge! Since losing my father last year my role has changed dramatically. I now manage our 60 acre farm (along with plenty of help) but ultimately the responsibility lays with me. This has had implications on my working life as I have many people to manage and look after, along with all my horses and a vast number of pupils I train. This does mean that time is very precious to me now and there is certainly never any spare! However I am so proud of our centre that we are developing, I would never be convinced to swop the stressful days for a quieter life! We have made huge changes this year - a newly finished xc bank, water jump and re-arranged xc fences mean that we now have excellent training facilities on grass. We have also built the most incredible 35 x 65m Martin Collins Ecotrack outdoor school which I can honesty say this is life changing. This has enabled me to coach all year round no matter what the rain (or lack of!) chooses. The clients have trebled and the future is so bright. My dream of creating an environment in which people can learn and achieve their true goals within a professional, friendly environment and have fun doing so (essential in my opinion!) is now becoming a reality. My pupils have also had great seasons - niece 13-year-old Aimee began her eventing career and stepped up to 100 level with ease, with a few top 10’s places in the U18 sections. Her goal is the U18s National Championships next year which is certainly looking achievable. She is also starting out in her BD career, already gaining 2 wins and 2 seconds from 4 tests! Another U18 based rider stepped up to intermediate level with ease, coming 3rd in her first and top 12 in the second.Another qualified for the Corinthian Cup held at Gatcombe, after several good successes at BE novice level, something not formerly achieved. Others won their respective 90 sections, all in all we had some very happy pupils.  The horses have developed this year beyond my expectations. The 2 Loughnatousa horses - Venture (my show jumper) stepped up to 1.40 level with ease and won at several big shows - Suffolk County, Woodbridge, South Suffolk to name a few. Next year he will aim at some county show Area Trails - which would be incredible and my absolute dream! Loughnatousa Winston stepped up to advanced medium BD, won several competitions and now heads to the regional finals again, hoping to gain qualification for the national championships 2 years running. He is already happily doing his 3 and 4 time changes so advanced level soon. His big aim is Prix St George which is not so far away now! I have 4 lovely young horses that are backed and broken. I have many that are still 2 and younger, naturally they haven’t started yet. The 4 and 5 year olds are divine! Lily, a 4 year old bay mare oozes class and quality, so I am hopeful for her future. Woodwalk Fear Bui - is a dun 16.3hh 5 year old gelding , a new purchase and a complete delight! I did buy him to sell but I can’t see him going anywhere too quickly, he has the most incredible temperament and desire to please. Plus the fact I have always wanted a dun, so we can’t let him go too soon now!! Kevin (also known as ‘Treasure Hunt’) is for sale, but I have managed to keep him so far - this is solely for winter funds not by choice, I would love someone to buy a share in him for me to keep, anyone wishing to co-own a horse or two please contact me at to discuss in more detail. This one really moves and has a super jump, but develops more daily, so the improvement is so fast it’s hard not to get excited about what he could be! Along with the yearling, 2 and 3 year olds we have 2 stunning foals this year, one is by ‘I’m Special De Muze ‘ which is a colt out of my Lux Z mare, super excited about him as he has such presence already. Also a gorgeous, but rather tall, Casallco colt, out of our wonderful ISH advanced eventing mare ‘Amber‘. These will be weaned tomorrow - luckily they have each other and the mares get some rest, that’s until their next years ones are born! I have been lucky enough to have a couple of short breaks away - firstly to St Lucia with the family, absolutely superb holiday full of fun and action in the water - water skiing was available so enjoyed this daily, superb exercise and good for the balance and core! We only had 9 days away due to school half term, but long enough to be rested and try most of the cocktail menu ... must have another holiday to eventually finish the rest!  Now just on my way back from the Monart sales in Ireland. Totally different weather and environment, horses everywhere! The Irish certainly know how to put on a good show and sale. The horses are produced so well for this, sometimes we wonder if we will ever get the horse going as well as the producer has and sometimes this is the case and the horse doesn’t go on to achieve anything. But sometimes you find a lovely raw one, an open book with not much done. I was only window shopping as plenty at home to keep me busy, but I will probably go across again in March to find something new... Sharon will be providing regular guest blog updates about her string of horses, training and competitions so be sure to keep checking back for the latest updates. Interested in training with Sharon? Contact Sharon’s PA at or call the office on 01359 244501. ​