We work alongside reputable horsebox finance specialists MOORGATE EQUESTRIAN FINANCE who are very experienced in financing a range of vehicles and other Equestrian specific requirements, for both personal and business use. With over 50 funding lines available, they can make sure that a suitable finance option will be found quickly and easily. As each customers financial circumstances are different, the expert team will take the time to listen to your requirements and provide you with the most affordable finance package that’s best for you.




Hire Purchase:

  • The most simple finance option, whereby the VAT is placed as deposit, then the remainder of the balance is financed over 1-10 years. E.g. a horsebox costing £31,600+vat, £6583.33 is placed as deposit.
  • At the end of the agreement, you own the vehicle outright.
  • Early settlements ensure that you can upgrade your vehicle before the end of the term.
  • Business users can also claim 100% of interest offset against taxable profits.
  • VAT registered companies can claim 100% of the VAT back.
  • Balloon payments of up to 40% of vehicle cost are available.


Finance Lease:

  • Lease is the perfect option for someone who does not wish to place as much deposit down, as no deposit terms can be arranged.
  • No deposit required on the finance agreement (the manufacturer may still require a build deposit).
  • Terms from 1-10 years can be arranged.
  • VAT is paid on each monthly payment which can be claimed back on a VAT return. 
  • Rentals can be shown as a business overhead and offset against pre-tax profits.
  • Balloon payments of up to 40% of vehicle cost are available.