Horsebox Repair, Bedford

Owens Horseboxes specialise in insurance approved, horsebox repair and renovation, for customers in Bedford. We can carry out minor repairs or full repairs depending on the condition of your horsebox, however either way it will always be a competitive price. We can carry out horsebox MOT preparation to ensure your horsebox is in safe working order – in addition to this Owens Horseboxes offer free floor and ramp checks for all horseboxes; this is because many people don’t realise that they may be faulty.


If your horsebox has been involved in an accident or has been damaged by either your livestock or road use we can amend the issues for you quickly and effectively so that you’re back on the road in no time. Furthermore we can also upgrade or re-design the exterior or interior of your horsebox if you were looking for new functionalities or aesthetics. For instance, we can fully refurbish the furniture and other features to get you the horsebox you’re after. We can even offer horsebox cleaning to customers in Milton Keynes if they would like a complete steam clean of their horsebox to get it looking brand new. 

 A horsebox is a major addition to your life and therefore it should reflect your ideas - Owens Horseboxes exists to make this a possibility. With different colour options, styles and enhancements available for your horsebox you are guaranteed to walk away with an improved model. With equine enthusiasts and an experienced, in house horsebox mechanic you can ensure that your horsebox is in the right hands with us. If you would like further advice or information for the best option of horsebox repair for you, then please don’t hesitate to talk to our experts. Owens Horseboxes prioritises you, therefore you can expect nothing but the best service and results when it comes to repairing your horsebox.