Horsebox Repair, Bury St. Edmunds

Owens Horseboxes carry out horsebox repair for clients throughout Bury St Edmunds and its surrounding areas. Whether you would like a complete renovation, upgrade or thorough clean you can guarantee a successful job with us. We are insurance approved with all the work we carry out and we amend both small or big repair requirements. If your horsebox was damaged in an accident we will repair it after consulting your insurance, ensuring we repair the vehicle quickly and effectively.


We offer a number of services, including minor repairs, MOT preparation and complete refurbishment of the interior or exterior. Owens Horseboxes want you to have the horsebox of your dreams, as we understand that it is a lifetime investment. To ensure our customer’s safety we offer free ramp and floor testing, making sure the features haven’t weakened over time, which is a susceptible problem if your horsebox is used a lot of the time. Horsebox cleaning is an option alongside repair if you were just looking to have your horsebox looking new in preparation for an event or for refurbishment. Horseboxes can be hard work and expensive to repair, which is why we have made sure we offer only competitive prices to Bury St Edmunds’ clients. 

 No matter how big or small the repair work may be, Owens Horseboxes has an experienced, in house mechanics on hand to resolve the problem, above your expectations.  In addition, we can provide a full trailer service to make sure that your horsebox is road safe and free from potential problems. We understand that your horsebox means a great deal for you, so you can expect nothing less than exceptional care of your vehicle. If you would like further advice or information on our repair service or are looking to have your horsebox repaired then don’t hesitate to get in touch today.