Horsebox Repair, Cambridge

Owens Horseboxes can provide horsebox repair services to clients throughout Cambridge, ensuring exceptional service and results – all for a competitive price. We can offer minor, horsebox repair work or full servicing, practically any work you need done on your horsebox – we can do.  Owens Horseboxes offers free ramp and horsebox floor testing to make sure you and your livestock are free from potential hazards.  Whether your horsebox is looking for a new renovation, upgrade or complete repair of your horsebox then you can be rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.


We offer multiple horsebox services, including minor and major repairs, testing the inside and outside for potential damage to your horsebox. Horseboxes are a life-time investment, that’s why Owens Horseboxes exists to make sure your vehicle is working to the best possible standards, whether that’s to ensure safety or function. If you have an MOT approaching or are after a genuine service of your horsebox, we can provide you with an in-house mechanic to check the ins and outs of your horsebox. We are all equestrian fanatics at Owens Horseboxes, therefore we want to ensure the best for horses and their riders during travel, we will always make sure your horsebox is working effectively. 


Even if your horseboxes wasn’t purchased with us, we can still give your horsebox an examination and perform horsebox repair if need be. We are here to ensure horseboxes around Cambridge work to the best they can be. Whether you have a competition on the horizon, are looking to sell or want to inspect your horseboxes’ safety – Owens Horseboxes are here to provide exception quality service and results; no job is complete until our client has full satisfaction. A horsebox is something we know every horse owner prides, that is why we can also offer horsebox cleaning to get your horseboxes looking the best around Cambridge.