3.5 Ton Horseboxes, Banbury

Owens Horseboxes manufacturers and provides luxury 3.5 ton horseboxes to horse owners throughout Banbury. Our equestrian fanatics have spent years creating horseboxes which focus on luxury and ergonomic satisfaction for owners and horses alike.; we provide an array of optional features for the 3.5 ton horseboxes which allows people to make their vehicle unique. Owens can provide bathrooms, leather seating, LED lighting and even mobile grooming stations to ensure that you and your horses are comfortable for the longest and shortest of travels.


If you’re looking for a horsebox suitable for taking your horses to events and/or shows then the option for a kitchen can also be made apparent so your horsebox feels like home even when you’re on the move. We understand that living with horses can be challenging which is why we have simplified methods to ensure that our service is impeccable. Owens Horseboxes can offer clients in Banbury with the option to hire out our 3.5 ton horseboxes or set up financed payments – all so everyone is able to enjoy owning their ideal horsebox. 


We like our products to be affordable and fun, yet professional and luxurious; there are options for everyone to enjoy and you can be excited that nobody will have a 3.5 ton horsebox quite like yours. If you’re still in need of an idea or are unsure to what the most suitable horsebox would be for you then you can be rest assured – our professionals will guide you toward finding the best vehicle for you and your horses.


Having a 3.5 ton horsebox is a worthwhile investment their high end status and bespoke designs make them a valuable asset to have – furthermore they provide exceptional comfort when on the road. If you’re looking for a 3.5 ton horsebox in Banbury that can be made to your request then get in touch with Owens Horseboxes today.