3.5 Ton Horseboxes, Bedford

Owens Horseboxes provides access to a beautiful range of 3.5 ton horseboxes in the Bedford area. These equestrian vehicles give luxury to both the owners and their horses during long distance travels. Our horseboxes are also available under finance or hire, and there are payment plans in action to make our products affordable to everyone.  We know that everyone has their own taste in colours and shapes, therefore a large range of different models and designs are on offer as Owens Horseboxes aims to satisfy all customer demands.


We have a dedicated team behind our business - that has had many years experience within the equestrianism industry. For horse lovers in Bedford, our 3.5 ton horseboxes come with an array of optional amenities to provide for all kinds of requests. Bathrooms, horse grooming stations and TVs are some of the many different features that Owen Horseboxes can provide with our products. We understand how important horses are to our customers; therefore we only exist to provide the best for our clients and their animals. 

Although we specialise in 3.5 ton horseboxes, Owens Horseboxes is proud to present that we also offer a 4.5 ton Stallion model horsebox – this product is suitable for horse owners who own mares and foals as well as racehorses or larger species.


Here at Owens Horseboxes we are able to provide you with exceptional service and high quality horseboxes all for amazing prices – we take our customers needs seriously and we will go above and beyond standards to ensure that complete customer satisfaction is given. The people behind our company are all lovers of equestrianism and are highly conscious of the high expectations of equestrian care. If you’re searching for a 3.5 ton horsebox to own or hire around Bedford, then you will not be disappointed with help from our expertise.