3.5 Ton Horseboxes, Cambridge

 In and around Cambridge, Owens Horseboxes provides a large range of beautiful, luxurious 3.5 ton horseboxes, which are beneficial in practicality to both the customer and their horses when travelling.  The horseboxes we have on offer come in a diverse amount of models and colours – this is so we can cater for all our customer’s different needs. We also offer horsebox hire and promote a monthly payment plan to help make our vehicles affordable for everyone. Owens Horseboxes prioritises customer satisfaction; therefore we go above and beyond expectations to ensure you gain friendly, dependable service from our team.


The people behind our company are leading experts on the field of equestrianism and are horse lovers themselves – with such experience they understand the necessary preparations needed when it comes to catering for a lifestyle revolving around horses. Owens Horseboxes have designed their 3.5 ton horse carriers to provide the best luxury, which is why we have optional features available to add to your horsebox to create the dream model for you. Bathrooms, TVs, LED lighting and horse grooming stations are some of the available amenities, which you can add to your horsebox upon request. 

 For our horse lovers in Cambridge, we’re also proud to present that alongside 3.5 ton lorries, Owens Horseboxes provides access to a 4.5 tonne Stallion horsebox. This larger model is best suited for people who have mares and foals or own grand racehorses.


With professional equestrian enthusiasts to offer, Owens Horseboxes is hard to beat on both quality and price. Our team is happy to provide you with the best advice to help you find the perfect 3.5 ton horsebox for you and your horses. With a reliable, friendly team available, if you’re searching for a horsebox of your own or to hire one out, Owens Horseboxes will not disappoint.