3.5 Ton Horseboxes, Ipswich

For the horse lovers in Ipswich, Owens horseboxes are delighted to provide customers the chance to invest in their very own bespoke 3.5 ton horsebox. We have a range of models, colours and styles to present to our clients all so everyone can find their dream trailer. We want to supply optimum luxury and comfort for long distance travels, providing a variety of features, which are optional to your preferences. Our horseboxes can come with LED lighting, bathrooms and even mobile grooming stations. The customization of your horsebox is endless it’s just down to what you’re after.


Owens Horseboxes is known for only providing the best, most prestigious styles of horseboxes; this is because we aim for complete customer satisfaction. Not only do we sell our 3.5 ton horseboxes we can also provide options to hire them out or set up finance payment plans to help our customers in Ipswich that little bit more. Everyone deserves to have their very own, dream horsebox to complete their equine lifestyle – that is why Owens Horseboxes will only ever provide you with a friendly, professional service. 


If you own racehorses or deal with the movement of mares and their foals you may be interested in the Stallion model we have to offer. This horsebox offers a larger interior capacity, providing that extra bit of space for you and your horses. Whatever you’re looking for, Owens Horseboxes can guarantee to find or match your ideal horsebox. We can also perform horsebox MOT preparation, inspecting your vehicle before it is sent off for the big examination. Repairs are also our speciality; we can fully restore the life of your existing horsebox, even if it wasn’t bought from us.


If you’re looking for the perfect horsebox in Ipswich to suit you and your horses, then get in touch with our expertise. We will help advise you towards finding the most suitable horsebox option for you, and we will put together the best payment plan to help you after selecting the design you like.