3.5 Ton Horseboxes, Kettering

 If you’re looking for a fully customisable, beautiful 3.5 ton horsebox in Kettering to add to your equestrian lifestyle then Owens Horseboxes can supply you with a large range of colours and shapes so that your dream horsebox can be fully tailored to your liking. Although we sell horseboxes we also have finance options available to ensure our products are affordable to everyone. Hire of our 3.5 ton horseboxes is also an option if you only wish to use the transport for a set amount of time.


The team here at Owens Horseboxes are all equine enthusiasts who understand the high expectations needed when dealing with horses and caring for them. All our horseboxes come with a list of luxury features, which can be added to the transportation to increase its homely feel. Alongside the popular 3.5 ton horseboxes we actively promote, a Stallion model is also available. This model is efficiently bigger and provides added space for larger horse species or if the user has a mare and foal to transport.

If our clients want to make their horsebox feel more personalised then our mass range of features for either tonne horsebox can guarantee you with what you’re looking for in comparison to any other equine-transport dealers in Kettering.


All our 3.5 ton horseboxes are affordable and payment plans have been put in place to ensure that all our customers can achieve owning their own horsebox. It can be a stressful task finding transport for your animals especially if you have other priorities to consider – which is why Owens Horseboxes aims to simplify everything. We provide exceptional expert advice on what is best for your needs and for your horses so that we can recommend the best suitable model for you. Customer satisfaction is our main goal after all.