3.5 Ton Horseboxes, Leicester

Owens Horseboxes can provide customers in Leicester with state of the art, 3.5 ton horseboxes to suit every occasion; whether you’re looking to transport your horse to the vets, a show or even an event – we can ensure that your horsebox provides adequate space and luxury. Not only are our horseboxes aesthetically pleasing, they can be tailored to your own ideas furthermore. If you’re looking to add leather seating, a bathroom, a mobile grooming station you’re in luck – our horsebox manufacturers can customise your 3.5 ton horsebox to match your initial request.


We also provide horsebox hire and finance options to allow all our customers to have a chance at owning their very own horsebox option; we understand that the equestrian lifestyle can be challenging which is why we like to simplify methods for our clients. With bespoke interior design and excellent functionality our horseboxes are designed to feel like home when you’re on the move. They offer optimum comfort and ergonomics for both you and your horse to ensure a safe and luxurious travel, whether long or short distances. 


We provide an array of different colours, styles and shapes to provide for all our customer’s expectations. Your 3.5 ton horsebox can be made unique to you with our diverse availability of interior options – your dream horsebox can be found with Owens Horseboxes. Our equestrian fanatics understand that a lifestyle focused around horses requires a lot of attention that is why we have put the exact amount into the construction of our horseboxes.


If you’re looking for a reputable 3.5 ton horsebox in Leicester then Owens Horseboxes are the team you need. Our expertise will prioritise your needs, ensuring only the best guidance, advice and methods are put in place to helping you achieve the horsebox which best suits you and your horses.