3.5 Ton Horseboxes, Newmarket

 Owens horseboxes are delighted to be able to provide horse owners in and around Newmarket with the most beautiful selection of luxury 3.5 ton horseboxes. Our team of equine enthusiasts understand the high expectations of equestrianism, which is why we work hard to reflect such prestige in our horseboxes.


When you have a lifestyle devoted to horses it can be hard work, which is why Owens Horseboxes aims to provide the best service and products to simplify your troubles. We insist that luxury is compulsory for you and your horses, which is why we offer a list of homely features that you can add to your horsebox. Everyone has their own ideas and different tastes which is why we provide a range of colours and styles so that your 3.5 ton horsebox can be aesthetically pleasing too you. Alongside our actively promoted 3.5 ton, we also provide Newmarket clients with the chance to invest in a Stallion model horsebox. This model provides more space for your horses, which is key for people who own larger horse species or deal with mares and their foals

Owens horseboxes is guaranteed to find or match the dream horsebox you’re searching for – this is because we have made it possible for the 3.5 ton models to allow a range of features to be installed. Whether is a short or long journey, you and your animals deserve optimum comfort which is why we have ensured nothing less.


With help of our equine experts you can expect exceptional service and products all for an affordable price. We will always go above and beyond standards to ensure that all our customers leave fully satisfied. If you live in or near to the Newmarket area, then take a look at our range today and be amazed at what our 3.5 horseboxes offer.