3.5 Ton Horseboxes, Norwich

If you live in or near Norwich and are planning to invest in your very own, bespoke 3.5 ton horsebox then Owens Horseboxes are the team you need. Our equine experts provide horseboxes, which have been carefully designed to cater for you and your horses during long distance travels. Our horse trailers are all fully equipped with luxury features and many more can be added to suit your own preferences. We can give you availability to detailed furniture, bathrooms and even mobile grooming stations – all within your own dream horsebox.


If you’re looking for something bigger, we are proud to be able to provide Norwich clients with the opportunity to invest in a Stallion model horsebox. This style is suitable for racehorse owners or individuals who travel with mares and their foals. We like to be able to provide our luxury horseboxes to suit a range of our customers’ budgets; we offer finance or hire services in addition to selling 3.5 ton horseboxes, all so everyone has the opportunity to earn themselves their very own horsebox. 


When you have a life built around horses and their care it can be challenging, that is why we do the hard part for you. Our experts will give you the best guidance and options, all you have to do is provide us with the idea horsebox you had in mind. When investing in a 3.5 ton horsebox you deserve only the best, which is why we make certain all our horseboxes are eligible to only providing the best for our clients.


If you are looking for your very own 3.5 ton horsebox in the Norwich area, we can provide you with the luxury and comfort you need for long travel. We always ensure we go above and beyond our customer's expectations, as our aim is to always receive maximum customer satisfaction.